Our Pricing & Service

Our project managers want to know what makes your project special. They’re here to listen and offer advice to save you time and money.

That’s how we’ve built our business for the last 16 years.

You can find a good price anywhere, but you won’t find our level of service.


Enterprise Clients

Your business runs on a budget. Ours does too. So we want to be upfront and transparent with our translation pricing.

Below, we’ve put together a list of 15 of our most requested languages.

Are these the only languages we work on? Not even close! That list would be too long to post here.

To get an idea of how to budget for your project, just estimate the number of words in your content and multiply by the rate found in the table.

Example: 1,000 words x $0.28 = $280.

Discounts? Of course!

With discounts for volume and translation memory, we generally offer pricing much lower than the prices listed below. Once we see your actual project scope and text, we’ll provide an estimate that will incorporate every discount we can offer you.

15 Common Requests Price per Word
Arabic $0.28
Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese) $0.28
Farsi $0.28
French (all varieties) $0.22
German $0.24
Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu $0.28
Italian $0.22
Japanese $0.28
Korean $0.28
Laotian $0.28
Portuguese (all varieties) $0.22
Russian, Ukrainian $0.24
Spanish (all varieties) $0.22
Turkish $0.24
Vietnamese $0.28


Individual Clients

Our rates are much the same for individual clients. However, our project minimum is $75. Please contact us to learn more.