Bilingual Testing

We offer bilingual testing services so you can know your employee or potential hire has the fluency you require for the position. Our assessments cover both written and oral proficiencies, depending upon your particular requirements. We also offer a specialized test for law enforcement.

  1. Assess your needs
    If you are utilizing an employee’s bilingual language skills for essential communications with your clients, you will want to be assured of his or her language competency. Often, an employer cannot evaluate whether a current or prospective employee has the required language skills.
  2. Test the candidate
    TransNation tests language aptitude from basic through expert levels. Whether you are hiring a receptionist or a paralegal, you will want to know their level of language expertise.
  3. Evaluate the results
    We submit the results in easy-to-read formats so that you can quickly evaluate your candidate’s strengths — and weaknesses.


How It Works 

Our bilingual testing services can be administered at our office in Dallas, onsite at a location of your choosing, or remotely via conference call and/or internet.


Pricing Information

We charge a flat fee per test, regardless of the length of time required by your test taker.


Our Evaluators

Our skilled and experienced evaluators are trained to administer bilingual tests in an completely professional and unbiased manner. Each evaluator is college educated (or the equivalent in their home country) and has years of experience working with our assessment.

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We have formal assessments in the languages below.

Contact us about any language not listed.

American Sign Language

Our language translation and localization project managers are ready to work with you one-on-one to ensure your message is understood around the world.

Remote or in-person, our interpretation teams are ready to make sure you’re understood in any language.

Feel confident in knowing your team members are truly proficient in a second (or third) language with our bilingual testing services.

We can subtitle or voiceover your media and eLearning content so your material is accessible anywhere in the world.

We write, edit, and design user-friendly documents to accompany your products anywhere in the world.

We translate, certify, and notarize birth certificates, marriage licenses, transcripts, and many other documents for individuals every day.